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An average group of around 25 people takes around two hours from the start of the wine blending until their blended wines are bottled and labelled.


Larger groups of up to 150 people will take longer and simillarly smaller groups can use less than two hours to complete their wine blending session..

We can accommodate from two up to two hundred people for a wine blending session.

No, not every person create their own blend. The main group gets divided into smaller groups. These smaller groups work together to create a blend that the group votes on and is then presented to us as their chosen blend. Groups sizes are between five and ten people.

Yes, every participant gets to take a bottle of their group's blend home.

Regrettably not. Over the years we have found that having a break, lunch or dinner somewhere during the activity causes major time delays and other logistical challenges.

Yes you are more than welcome to do so.


Please note that the design and print of such a label or labels will be for your own account and has no financial implications on the costing of the wine blending.

  • All the wine bottels for filling
  • All the wine needed for blending
  • Corks and corker
  • All the equipment and supplies for running the event
  • Payment must be made in full when confirmed.
  • The venue to provide one red wine glass per person.
  • The venue to provide one jug of water per table.
  • The venue to provide enough tables and chairs.
  • Should the venue provide table cloths - preferably black.
  • Event not to start later than 30min as confirmed when booked.
  • Background music for great atmosphere during the event.

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